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This is your exclusive chance to view the replay of our members-only Live Expert Panel Q&A featuring Sam Olstein from GE in New York, Nathan Bush from 12HIGH and Louisa Dahl from Interactive Minds.

About The Experts

Sam Olstein
Executive Director, Marketing at GE & Director of Global Innovation (USA)

Sam has a strong background in innovation, media and digital learning tools and at GE he introduces the brand onto new platforms and to new audiences. Sam will be joining us live from New York for this panel!

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Highlights You Won't Want To Miss

Hear from some of the best marketers in the business about hot topics including:

Whether we need to pair data scientists with creatives to improve the translation of insights

How AI and voice search are potentially going to change the game for digital marketers

The difference between 'business problems' and 'marketing problems' and how marketers are often tasked with both

Threading the needle between disparate data sources and systems to drive innovation

Nathan is a strategic leader who has led teams, defined strategies and delivered solutions across digital, marketing, eCommerce and IT. Prior to founding 12HIGH, Nathan spent over five years at Super Retail Group as their Group Digital Manager.

Louisa is a business owner, author and a practical marketer with over 19 years experience. Hailing from a digital marketing background Louisa leads Interactive Minds' growth and is passionate about equipping marketers with the skills and knowledge to excel.

Nathan Bush
Founder and Strategist at 12HIGH
Louisa Dahl
CEO and Founder at Interactive Minds